Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wedding Wine Tasting Part Quattro

Attention folks, we have a winner. Well, one wine out the three is picked out.

We testing the reining champion 2005 Cellar No 8 against:

2004 Kenwood Merlot. Normally around 15-18, on closeout sale for 9.88 with an additional 10% discount. Nice. Although I do like the Cellar No 8, it takes a bit to open up and this one is pretty much ready to drink right after opening. Not all too complex-easy drinking red, what most expect from a Merlot.

2004 Niebaum Coppola Merlot. Its also pretty good, although a bit oakey in comparison to the other two. It reminded me of chewy blackberries. I liked it and thought it would be good with food, but we liked the Kenwood Merlot the best. We want something that’s good with and without food, since there will only be light appetizers.

Whew! One wine down, two more to go.

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