Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where have I been??

Busy busy. Plus trying to lose some lbs. As much as I hate to admit it, alcohol is not friendly to weight loss, particularly not, uh, er, uh, I'll just say multiple glasses.

Anyway, lots to comment on. I'll start with Walmart. What a love / hate relationship. I love low prices. I do love to save money. But what I hate-its just a freakshow. For example, I purchased some candles, votives, and a blue garter. (reference the low prices comment-it was $2) The lovely cashier says "is someone getting married?". Yes, me. Then she proceeds to tell me that she's been married one too many times and is currently engaged....then goes on to tell me about her first wedding, which her mother in law planned and even picked out her dress. Then about her current fiancee which stilli s a bit of a mommas boy, but not that bad, as at least she doens't manage their finances.

Uh, ok. Why is this something that someone would tell a total stranger, particularly without alcohol??

Funny-the other day when it snowed like a foot here (odd for the Lou) I saw a snow plow stuck on the side of the road. (in a ditch) I wish I would've had a camera available. Pricless.

Oh, had meatloaf tasting the other day. Barbera and a Zin. Barbera was the winner. (It was an Imagery Barbera and Eagle Vineyards Zin, so there was a bit of a price difference, but I still think even the characteristics of the Barbera were right for meatloaf) Not sure if that's a priority tasting, but we were eating meatloaf and felt like wine, so we had a mini tasting.

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