Friday, June 19, 2009

Public Transportation in France

Ironically, the first real public transportation snaffu happened in a part of the trip where public transportation is readily available - Burgundy. There’s a bus system that takes you from town to town, within town, etc, and its ,90 Euro per person per segment. (a new “segment” occurs every 2 or 3 villages) Well, the snaffu happened Monday on our trip to Beaune. The bus ride should’ve been 3,60 Euros each (around $5) but because of poor planning / failure to check the bus schedule before going to bed, we missed the bus and had to take a cab….which was like $50. Ouch. (I know, Lucy, how could I plan so poorly!) But, despite being told we “Are really brave” and comments such as “Wow, really? No car?”, the public transportation route worked out for us- even with the language barrier.

Yes, that means lots of walking. At least 10,000 steps every day (5 miles), even on travel days, with some days being closer to 8 or 9 miles. My walking sandals (I purchased a pair of Eastland sandals) are thoroughly worn in. Thoroughly. This is what they looked like new....they really are comfortable...
So, while the public transportation route was easy on our pocketbooks, it was not easy on my feet….I guess I should add $30 to the cost of public transportation for my much needed pedicure when I get home. I think they may have to break out the sander to rid of the calluses on my heels. :)

PS- Mr. Lush hates me for not bringing tennis shoes - at the time I thought it was a good move, only having 2 pairs of shoes (walking sandals and nice sandals); it took up so much less space. However, walking a mile in the rain in sandals is not fun. Not one bit. *sigh* I guess he is right and I should’ve brought another pair. Or at least found a way to purchase the ever popular Chucks. (really, about 80% of the under 30 crowd wears Converse here- which I barely qualified to wear them, but I still qualified ;) (I know, past tense- I DID qualify. Not now.)

More updates soon…..sorry for the multiple posts at once, finally got internet again.

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PS- these Sandals are Eastlands.