Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why discount older vintages? Why ask why? Just buy!

Every year in the fall/winter, Schnucks (local grocery store) discounts certain wines by a hefty amount to make room for the next vintage. For example, I was there on Christmas Eve and saw a 2006 Gundlach Bunhschu Pinot Noir for just under $17- their regular price was in the high $30’s, so I picked up a bottle. I’d never had the Pinot, but have always liked Gundlach Bundshu wines, so I thought hey,it’s a great deal, might as well try it. (I will note, that sometimes their regular prices are a smidge marked up, so the discount may not be as great as it seems…but a quick search on their website reveals that they sell that wine for $34, so this really was half off)

It was amazing for the price….it reminded me of what I like about fuller bodied Pinots; rich, full dark berry flavors, a hint of smoke. Its was great, so I went back and got the last bottle they had, along with the Gun Bun Merlot, also discounted by 50% or more. They also had the 2006 Mount Veeder on sale for $21-a wine that normally sells for $35-45, and in fact is listed today on their website for $40.

In the overall wine drinking / aging plan, it doesn’t make any sense you’d discount your older vintage, particularly of a red, to make room for your newer vintage. I’m not sure why Schnucks does this, if its driven by the store or the distributors or what….but I sure do like it when I roll in and snag a great deal, so I won’t complain! So run, go to your nearest (nicest!) Schnucks and try to snag some great deals of your own today - I’ve already checked another Schnucks in Chesterfield for the same deal on the Gundlach Bundschu and they are already out, so hurry!!!

To everyone, have a safe and happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Try the Schnucks in Twin Oaks. They have several on sale at half off all the time. I have bought the Mount Veeder and a very good Maryvale amongst others for around $20 after the 10% half case discount!