Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back from blogging with a Big Cab

Here’s the problem with a break from blogging….I think of things all the time to blog about, but then I ask myself: “Do I really want my big post back to be about that?” And the answer is often no…it might not be a wine topic, or its too relevant to a certain person (ie I don’t want that person to read it and think I’m talking about them) so I don’t blog. Its silly really, but nonetheless has been responsible for the past 3-4 weeks of blogging absence. (before that I was busy, or just forgot about blogging, but I’ve been unemployed for about 6 weeks now, so I certainly had time)

So what is my “big post back” about? The wine we had on our anniversary! We went to Dierdorf & Hart’s and brought a wine from recent Gold Medal Wine Club Platinum shipment: the 2004 Cobblestone Vineyard Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Here’s what the winery says: “….represents the best of the best from the winery’s estate vineyard on Napa Valley’s Atlas Peak. As the Cabernet matured, winemaker Sam Baxter set aside what he considered the finest barrels and from that juice he crafted this luscious, Reserve Cabernet, possessing incredible structure and showcasing the exceptional characteristics of the vintage. Cobblestone’s 2004 Reserve Cabernet is bursting with intense black fruit, spice, and minerality, beautifully balanced and enhanced by the winery’s extended barrel aging program. Wine Enthusiast awarded this Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 91 Points: “This Cab is quite soft and dry, and the fruit is beginning to show development. It’s changing from fresh blackberries and cherries to dried fruits and currants, with a dusty quality. The oak brings in sweetly welcome notes." Try pairing Cobblestone’s 2004 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon with braised beef short ribs, grilled lamb chops, and chicken breast stuffed with Asiago cheese.”

Here’s our thoughts- needed some air- Mr. Lush in fact said it was so oakey it reminded him of Silver Oak (not such a bad thing!) so the fact they had to decant it to get the cork out ended up being a good thing. (our waitress had a snafu with opening it….but I won’t ruin the story about the good wine with the story about the bad wine service) After about 45 mins of decanting, it still needed food. Luckily, we were at a steak house, so we had food available! I had the filet and Mr. Lush had the strip steak, both cooked rare. (ok, mine was very rare) The wine was amazing with the steak. Full bodied, oakey (aged 24 months in 95% new french oak, so that makes sense), dark fruit, a little bit of cedar, but not a ton. It was really wonderful with the steaks, a bit better with the strip, as it had more marbling, but it was great with both. It took about 1 ½ hrs before we felt like we could enjoy it without food, but really, a good big cab is supposed to need food, so we aren’t going to complain!

So, I’m back. I’ve got a couple of post ideas and I’m going to start randomly pre-posting as I think of them, so if my post happens to mirror some incident, please ignore it. Cheers and talk to you soon!

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LucyinStLou said...

Wow! I cannot believe a 6 year old cab would need that much time. Sound great and happy belated anniversary!