Friday, August 10, 2007

25% Alc Zin

We recently had quite a few yummy wines. One was a 2000 Spencer Roloson Zinfandel, the oldest zin I've ever had. Wow. It was....strong. Now, the bottle said 15.5%, but based on the smell and how we felt afterwards, we're thinking it must've done some serious fermentation in the bottle because we went from lightly buzzed to very buzzed with just a glass. We joked that it was a 25% alc Zin, but we're guessing more like 17%. Here's a label-not of the actual wine we had, but of their current release Zin. Very small production-they only made 125 cases of their current Zin release. I got it from one of my wine clubs.
Even though we felt the effects, it didn't taste that unbalanced, just a smidge hot. We decanted it- a must do because there was a ton of sediment and gave it an hour in the decanter. But it was great - almost the nose of a port, with raisins and chocolate taste. Terry even liked it and he doesn't usually like zin because "it tastes like heartburn". Not this one- in a blind tasting I'd think it was a well aged cab because it lacked the spicyness of a zin. It was really good and if I ever see it out I'll buy it and in fact, we'll be trying more higher-end Zin as well in hopes of finding another.

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