Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Grass is Ass

Man, I don't know came up with "grassy" is a good adjective for wine but I will have to disagree. Over the weekend I had the 2006 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. I’ve had the 2005 before, and while in general I’m not a fan of sauv blancs, it was ok. Tolerable. I would pour myself another glass or two. But the 2006- wow. It is like drinking liquid grass. Really, while drinking this wine I recalled eating grass when I was younger, it was that similar. Grassy isn’t the only reason, nor it usually the main reason I don’t like sauvignon blancs, but it is for this one.

If you’re unfamiliar with what “grassy” tastes like, try the 2006 Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc. You will then forever be able to identify grass in a wine.

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WinoFriend said...

I also had the new vintage of Kim Crawford and didn't like it either. And I consider myself a fan of Savingnon Blanc! To me, though, it tastes like grapefruit juice with perhaps a touch of pure citiric acid thrown in for complexity. I think we should get Vitamin C points for drinking it.