Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Darn you wine gods!

I hate disappointing wine experiences. Not when you unsuspectingly open what should be a perfectly good bottle and its gone bad/spoiled. That stuff happens sometimes, although I will say that we’re rather lucky and it hasn’t happened much. I mean when you purchase a bottle, maybe its expensive, maybe its not, but for whatever reason you have hopes that it will be good and then you open it….and its not what you hoped. The torture continues, as you hope that “it just needs some air” so after some vigorous “air” via swishing, decanting, aerating, etc, you taste again….and still, its just not that good.

This happened over the weekend. I picked up a bottle of Napa County Line, a merlot/cab blend that from Robery Sinskey, who I typically like. We were in Kansas City, so we took it back to the hotel and opened it up and it was just way too fruit forward, almost juice like, minus the sugar, of course. Air didn’t help, temperature change didn’t help. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good. And we had no other wine in the hotel to make up for it- we couldn't say c'est la vie and open something else. Instead we suffered through about half of it, then went about our evening. The next morning while packing, I looked at the bottle on the desk and I was almost sad. Like the bottle had let me down in some way. I angrily shook my fist in the air and said “darn you, wine gods, darn you!!”.

I didn’t really, but it made a good ending, didn’t it?


LucyinStLou said...

How disappointing! That's usually a great bottle. You know...I am becoming one of those people who just won't walk into any random wine shop anymore. I mean you NEVER know if they've stored it properly.

WineLush said...

It was at Sams Club. Which we usually have good luck with....at least its stored right by the refrigerated food section.

It really didn't taste "bad" to me, (like it had gone bad) but if you say its normally good, maybe I'll give it another try.