Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not a vegetarian, but a meatatarian

I saw a hilarious commercial the other day. I’m sure it offends vegetarians everywhere but whatever. (actually I know it does because in trying to find the clip of the commercial to post, only complaints about it came up)

A guy and a girl are eating at Wendy’s. Girls asks Guy if he wants a bite of her salad. He says no, “I’m a meatarian”. (blank look on Girl’s face) He goes on to say he only eats meat and points to his “baconator” cheeseburger. He says it’s a lifestyle choice and you have to be really committed.

I, of course, find it hilarious. (I’ll try to link to the commercial once I find it) While I have recently tried to like more veggies, and have succeeded in adding a few regulars to the Lush menu, I’m far closer to a “meatatarian” then a vegetarian and lightyears away from a vegan. Unless its alcohol, almost everything I consume came from an animal or is an animal. (sorry, PETA)

On a side and somewhat related note, another hilarious anti vegetarian thing to watch is South Park’s episode from season 6. The ending is fab.

Right or wrong, I appreciate good low brow entertainment. That and good wine. Even better at the same time. :)


LucyinStLou said...

Sushi's allowed if you are a meatatarian, right?

WineLush said...

Its from an animal, so yes. :) Something even better about raw animal. Yum.