Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm corking mad, I tell ya

(me scrambling to top of my Wine Soapbox)

When did corkage fees become a literal fee for uncorking the wine? Aren’t I also supposed to get wine service as well? You know, where they open the bottle for you, offer to decant it, keep the glass at just the right amount full, where you have some room for the wine to breathe in the glass……where you can swish, take a sip, then a few minutes later your sip was refilled by your server? Why is there no happy medium between me paying a 250% markup on a bottle and having to flag down the waiter to open the bottle or get a glass? Why am I paying $25 for opening my own bottle? Should I just keep in my purse, in a brown paper bag and take swigs out when you aren’t looking?

I mean really. If you’re charging me a corkage fee, give me WINE SERVICE too! I'll not only top better, but I'll even share my wine with you!

(off my Wine Soapbox)

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Anonymous said...

Come clean ... name the restaurant. Do it, do it.