Monday, September 27, 2010

The Lone Sangiovese kicks the Little Penguin's arse

At this weekend’s wine club event we had a “Chianti and More: Sangiovese from anywhere” theme. We had two that were notable- the 2007 Ledson Sangiovese and the 2007 Lone Canary Sangiovese, which was from Washington state. I think the Lone Canary might’ve been the first Washington Sangiovese I’ve ever had and it was really good-nice and fruity with some dried cherry notes, complex with a little bit of cedar spice. And…here’s the surprising thing…. The label has an animal – a bird even – on it!

From their website:

Our logo (affectionately known as Clooney) is an artistic rendering of Washington's state bird, the American Goldfinch, or Wild Canary. Forging a lone and exciting path using Washington's exemplary fruit, we have chosen to stand apart from the flock through unique artistic expression in our wines.

With few exceptions (artist series wines, Duckhorn, etc) very few wines with animals on the labels are really good, so it was a pleasant treat all around – a Sangiovese from Washington AND a great wine with an animal on it! Thanks for bringing it, NG!

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Claire Uncorked said...

I've only had 1 WA Sangiovese - Saggi from Longshadows. YUM. I'm betting that this one is cheaper, though, so I'll have to keep my eyes open.

We had a fantastic Sangiovese - the 2005 Opolo. I'm sure you've had it. It was showing VERY well last night, & I was so bummed when it was gone!