Monday, December 12, 2011

Napa & Sonoma, here we come

So Mr. Lush and I are finally making it to Napa Valley in January. I've been before only for a couple days, but it was many years ago - when tasting fees were $5-10 instead of $20! We're going for a long weekend and will likely spend 2 days in Napa and one in Sonoma.

We're joining a couple wine clubs of places we know we will like prior to going, so we can get tasting fees for free. But we're also looking for some small scale hidden gems we've got some good ones from GMWC, but are always looking for some more recommendations.... do you know of any?

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John V. said...

In terms of tasting fees: Many places still wave tasting fees as long as you purchase 1 or 2 bottles. In addition, many of the smaller off-the-beaten-path wineries won't charge tasting fees at all (but if the winery doesn't charge a tasting fee, it is considered good ettiquet to at least purchase 1 bottle).

Places I highly recommend: Paradigm (in the valley, makes great cab, cab franc, and zin - reservation required)
Lamborn Family (small winery, out on Howell Mountain, delicious Heidi Barrett Cab and zin, but pricey - no tasting fee - reservation required)
Ladera (not so small not so big winery, and you've had their wine...they are out on Howell Mountain on the way to Lamborn Family)
The Terraces at Quarry Vineyard (small winery just off of Silverado Trail in the valley, unique experience with a mule car ride and a balsamic vinegar tasting in addition to tasty cab, zin, and some of the best chardonnay I've had - reservation required - tasting fee applied to wine purchase)
Chappellet (delicious wine all around, gorgeous drive to the winery, out of the way, stroll throught the vineyards while wine tasting, one of my favorite winery experiences)