Thursday, October 18, 2007

What ever happened to the wave??

No, not the wave at a sporting event....the wave you give someone who lets you over in traffic. Two days ago I let three people over during the course of a day and not one waved and I thought I should blog about this. Then I didn't. Then it happened again yesterday. And today. I mean really, what ever happened to the wave? I wave even if I "technically" cut someone off...I feel its sort of my way of saying "sorry I cut you off, thanks for not getting all road rage-y". I imagine them saying "(yelling) F*CK YOU....oh, wait, she waved. At least she waved.".
That and the lack of blinker usage gets me. I don't claim to always use my blinker, however, 98% of the time if there is a person behind me and if they will be affected by me turning (ie have to slow down) I certainly use my blinker. I understand why people don't use it in cut-throat must get over traffic situations (the kind where you cut someone off and then wave in hopes they don't pull out a .45), but in general. Your normal 35 mph streets, where you're already in the right lane, but you're turning right and if you notified the person behind you, they could hop over to the other lane. Or, if you see someone is trying to turn left and you're turning right, and if you used your blinker, they could make their turn. But you don't, so they miss it. Those situations. Why can't we all be a little nicer? When we learn how to drive, blinker usage is part of it and I know our mom's taught us all how to wave...... I wish we could have a big Driving Manner Movement....

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