Monday, November 3, 2008

An undecided political rant

Confession- its now just “hours” until election day and I don’t know who I’m going to vote for. I know. I think I’m the only person I know who hasn’t decided. We all have to act like our vote matters, that our vote is the deciding vote, so of course I’m freaking out because tomorrow I must vote for someone but who?? (caution, what follows is the political (and somewhat uninformed) rantings of an undecided voter!)

In general, I’m more of a democrat in terms of moral values. (pro-choice, pro-homosexual rights, etc) However, I don’t dig socialism and wealth redistribution is a form of socialism. (watch out now, I said "form") I think aid should be provided to those in need, but only a very limited basis, which is very anti-democratic of me. So maybe I’m a democrat with a timeline?? Here's some money, but put it to good use, this well runs dry eventually. I don’t think people who make over $250,000, sorry, $200,000 as he said in his last “infomercial”, should have to pay more taxes. What about the 40% of Americans who don’t pay ANY taxes? Who I hate isn’t someone who’s making $200,000, I hate the SOBs at the mortgage companies and banks who are leaving with tens of millions of dollars after screwing people like my dad, who are left with 40% of his retirement money. I don’t think $200,000 combined household income in rich….I think that’s upper middle class, and I hope to be in that class within 5-10 years after finishing my Master’s. I have no problem giving my money, whether in taxes or a check, to help people out in need, but I want those recipients to use it to better their lives and not need help anymore. Ongoing unlimited help, at the expense of taxpayers, is not the way to go. I think everyone should pay taxes (even if its $100 a year).

McCain’s old, Palin’s annoying, Biden talks without thinking sometimes (I can relate ;) but Obama started off the campaign lying about taking the federal money for the election, and thus has way more money to spend. I’m cool with my president being a good liar, but really, starting off lying isn’t very cool. But I also don’t dig our president being in bed with the oil companies for another 4 years. However, I’d rather have a job and pay $8 a gallon for gas than the alternative and I figure every politician’s in bed with someone, or else where would all this campaign money come from? So who am I to say you can't sleep with the oil companies, but other than that I don't care who you sleep with?? I don’t think Obama’s a terrorist, although I don’t doubt that he, along with every single politician, has gotten money during his life from somewhere I don’t want to know about. Naturally, I’m tired of getting those emails and calls about where all his money came from (terrorist) or even that he’s a live baby killer. (did you see that commercial? Yeah-evidently Obama supports the killing of live babies, birthing them, then leaving them to die. Ok, now, really.)

But do I want another 8 years of Bush? Economy is in the dumps, we're pissing money away in a useless war, we're bailing out car companies, mortgage companies, banks, etc. We're so bad we're even bringing down the WORLD economy, and the only reason we're paying less than $3 a gallon for gas is because its election time. We're way behind the rest of the world in alternative energy and I certainly want our country to really focus on other forms of energy. While I would pay $8 a gallon for gas if it meant I had a job to drive to, I don't want to, you know? We have sun and wind for free, why not figure out how to harness that energy in an affordable fashion? I think the white house should be powered by alternative energy sources- why not? I think we should all get solar panels on our houses and be able to run our cars on something other than oil and if we didn’t have a president in bed with the oil companies car companies might actually put money into developing that research. I mean, come on, a car can practically parallel park itself, why can’t we get a more fuel efficient car? Oh yeah, because oil greases everything.

But god, what if something happens to McCain, do I want Palin to be my president? Heavens no. I absolutely can’t stand the fact she doesn’t think sex education should be taught in schools. Yeah lady, clearly the parents taking the role of sex education worked out for you.

I guess in general, I’m inclined to disbelieve everything I read or hear from one candidate about the other one, so it leaves me with where do I go from here? See why I’m lost? I can come up with arguments for both side, but I admit, I have gaps in my thoughts. In the past I’ve been a “one issue voter” as my dad calls it. (ie Bush was against homosexual rights and pro-life, so I voted against him) But I feel like I’ve been of voting age for over 10 years, its time I make an educated decision, right? Tonight I plan to spend some time going over each candidate’s websites, as well as skimming over any applicable propositions. And for all you other last minute deciders, Lucy's recent post has some good links for getting up to speed on what else is on the ballot.

I leave with this good news for Missouri voters: under Missouri voting leave law, companies are required to give up to 3 successive hours of paid leave for regularly scheduled work time to go vote. I’m scheduled to work at 7:30, so that means I get paid until 9. (I’m part time because I’m in school, so I’m actually hourly) If only I got paid to decide who to vote for!!!

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