Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My dog needs some bitch friends

Layla has two boyfriends, Brix and Bodhi, that she plays with. She’s fickle and can’t decide which is her favorite – such a player, my doggie! Brix is big and strong and wears her out and Bodhi lets her dominate. Choices, choices. ;)

Well anyway, today I took her on a walk and noticed some boy-like behaviors: she went pee like 6 times, as if she was “marking her territory” (the walk was only a mile- she didn't need to go that often and it was always quick!) and at one point, she even started to lift her leg! I guess its “monkey see monkey do” (“doggie see doggie do”) so we need to Layla around some girls to teach her some ladylike manners!

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LucyinStLou said...

Sigh. Charlotte tries when she's not hiding from her.