Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Evite and I agree

Evite has a nifty drink calculator. You enter the party duration (4 hours), Guest Count of number of light (20) Avergage (60) and Heavy (40) drinkers that will attend. You put in if you’re serving wine, beer, or liquor (or any combination) and viola- you have what you should buy. We used said calculator for the Mr. and Mrs. Lush Reception, imputing the above numbers, overestimating a smidge because I’d rather have things left over than run out. Results were: 217Bottle(s)/Can(s) of Beer, 44Bottle(s) of Wine and 11Bottle(s) of Liquor (1 liter). We purchased about that much, but ended up with an abundance of alcohol leftover. Realistically, we went through less than 150 bottles of beer, 22-25 bottles of wine, and 7 bottles of liquor for about 95 adults and 15 kids. Astonishing how far off it was. I mean, really, I figured it would be right about on if I added a few more light drinkers and moved some avg drinkers to heavy drinkers, thinking evite wouldn't really know what a heavy drinker is. But no, I guess if you say heavy drinker, evite really thinks you’re a boozehound- we overpurchased by at least 40%.

However, when putting in what I would actually consider to be a heavy drinker, (ie someone who consumes over a bottle of wine by themselves, or 10+ mixed drinks) I changed it to 25 heavy, 50 avg, and 25 light. It came up with the following results: 167Bottle(s)/Can(s) of Beer, 34Bottle(s) of Wine and 9 Bottle(s) of Liquor (1 liter). Much much closer to actual numbers used. Hmm. Who knew-evite and I agree on what a heavy drinker is!!!

Although, worse things could happen-now we’re forced to have a party.

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LucyinStLou said...

Mr. Lou & I are thrilled to be invited to your *forced* party! Oh and I'm so happy to hear that we can count on Evite for matters large and small.