Friday, April 11, 2008

To shave or not to shave

I know, what am I talking about? Well, today I was half-watching some sort of beach show on the Travel Channel. By half watching I mean I was supposed to be doing school work but the TV was on, providing a distraction whenever I wanted one. Anyway, back to the show. So they were talking about all the sort of beach debates (ie is it ok to stare when someone is in a much stuff is too much to bring to the beach....) well one thing that they OF COURSE talked about is the back and chest hair debate. When to shave, when not to shave. Well, the consensus is always shave your back, but chest hair is ok.
Got me lets say we're talking one of the gorilla know, that have hair ALL OVER...thick, gross, doormats of hair. Ok, enough visuals...well, if the rule is chest hair ok, back hair is not, when's the stopping point? I mean, that's like shaving half your head. I don't recall ever seeing such a man, who was hairy all over but with a perfectly smooth back, but I imagine it being weird, out of place. Then take it there's no place to stop between the back and chest, so a guy shaves it all. What about the rest of his body? I mean, then does he have to shave every where? Is there no easy stopping point? I mean, who has a smoth, totally hairless chest but hairy arms?
I guess I've never thought about it before, but I sort of understand why some guys might just say screw it and not shave anything. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for guys-I mean please, most barely trim...well...lets say anywhere. :) So a little extra trimming and or shaving shouldn't be too much to handle.
I guess I'm lucky-hubby doesn't have back hair and has just the right amount of chest hair. Not hiding a squirrel, but enough to look manly. Whew...otherwise I guess I'd be shaving his back for the rest of my life. I just got the shivers...uck.

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