Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Respect for the Evite

I’ve been annoyed with Evite lately. Well, not annoyed with Evite as much as I’m annoyed with people’s constant use of Evite’s yet still not treating it like a real invitation. I will be the first to say I use Evite for all sorts of gatherings, however, I count is as a real invitation. When I say I'm having a party, there will be a party. If I say I’ll be there, I show up. If something were to come up less than 2 days before, I would call AS WELL AS update my Evite response. This might be crazy, but I consider an Evite to mean a real party is going to happen and that “will you attend” to be a valid form of RSVP’ing to said party.

However, am I alone???

Recently, I sent out an Evite for a wine club function, and 2 people no-call/no-showed after RSVPing yes, and another 2 changed their response the day before. This isn’t horrible, but I still was annoyed. Until, the people who did show up told me of their recent horrifying Evite experience. They threw a surprise party for someone, and 25 people RSPV’d that they would come. Only 4 showed. That’s right. FOUR people. And….those 4 people were so late they had to delay the surprise party recipient.

Perhaps it’s a general RSVP problem. Have people just lost respect for those throwing parties? Have they been wronged so many times they are paying it forward? Do they overbook and forget? Or is it just Evite and with paper invitations people show up as their RSVP indicates? I have no other point of reference than our wedding, which the vast majority of responses did show up. Maybe 10 out of 130 didn’t show up, but that’s also a reception.

During a discussion about this, Mr. Luce (of the Luce family) suggested that Evite get some sort of feedback system. Something like eBay meets the airline on-time percentage, so you can judge the likelihood of them showing up to your party, based on how many parties they showed up as responded. I think it’s a great idea, but in the meantime, if you get an evite, please keep your RSVP. The people throwing the party assume you mean your response, just as you expect that when you arrive to the event, that they will be home.


LucyinStLou said...

Oh dear. I know Mr. Luce was serious, but I just can't imagine leaving "feedback" for friends. Of course, he would and if you were over 3.5 minutes late, he might mention that too :) Seriously, though, I cannot imagine that kind of behavior. I don't think it's specific to Evite. Everyone's manners appear to be on the wane these days.

Amy said...

I have the same annoyance as you. i cannot understand how hard it is to rsvp yes or no. all you have to do is click one button.

then again, when i got married all they had to do was mail in the damn card, and i even provided a stamp, and ppl still failed to send it in. ppl just have no respect for the rsvp!!!

WineLush said...

How many people have to be screwed by poor RSVPs before manners come back in style????