Thursday, October 16, 2008

So, a blind squirrel does find a nut now and then....

Well, I'm happy to report a mini-success in my blind tasting. Tuesday at Casa Luce we brought sushi and had some blind wines courtesy of Lucy, and she suggested I blog about my success.

Of course, we had sparkling wine and it was yummy. I guessed it was a US sparkling cuvee, thinking perhaps it was Gloria Ferrar, one of Lucy's standby's. It wasn't, but it was a US sparkling- Domaine Ste. Michelle, which was profiled in Lucy's blog. Our other wine was fruity with just a bit of sweetness it in, I guessed a Gewurztraminer Pinot Gris blend. It was a Gewurztraminer Marsanne blend. I would've never guessed the Marsanne, but I'm happy I got the Gewurztraminer part right.

So, I got some close to right, I suppose that counts as a little something? I will admit, I did have a bit of insider knowledge-I knew Lucy wouldn't serve wines that wouldn't go well with sushi so I had the ability to narrow down the options. Alas, it appears I do better in whites than reds in general, but that might be because there are less white varietals that I have access to?

I'm attending a blind tasting this Friday, wish me luck!

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LucyinStLou said...

It was quite impressive! Actually the wine had Rousanne not Marsanne in it, but when I told you this, my mouth was probably full as I chowed down on sushi. Thanks for bringing it over!