Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Excellent, I mean excellent Zinfandel Value

Last year Lucy profiled Cameron Huges wines - although they are not readily available in many stores, luckily I have a membership to Sam's Club and the Luces have a membership to Costco, two stores that carry a few of the CH Wines.

We recently had the Lot 111 Zinfandel from Paso Robles....

"Taste: Sweet raspberries on the nose made complex with tobacco notes and sweet cigar smoke. Beautiful on the palate with mature, fine tannins, rich raspberry and blackberry fruit. Full bodied and super smooth with a nice long finish, this Zin is big and bold with great balance to boot.
Cameron Confidential: We seem to be getting quite a bit of these deals lately. Wineries restructuring their inventories in anticipation of a slowdown of high-end wines. This wine comes to us from a winery in the heart of Paso Robles from fruit sourced from 30 year old vines on the west side of Highway 101 (much better soils there) and retails for $22 in their tasting room. This is their bottling blend and the exact same wine you would find in their bottle. It’s a classic California Zin, rich and full bodied without being over-extracted."

As with many Cameron Hughes wines, it didn't disappoint and in fact it was great. And even better news - you can pick up a bottle at Sam's Club for $8.88. No, I didn't forget to the put the "1" in front of that.... $8.88. Run, now, and pick up at least 3-6 bottles, you won't be disappointed!!!


Rosie said...

It's "payday" tomorrow lol! and I will be hitting the neighborhood Sam's club...hope they have it hear in Cali. Can't wait to try it

LucyinStLou said...

Thanks for picking up a bottle for us!

WineLush said...

Rosie- hope you found a bottle. Really, its a steal for $8.88- even if its a bit more at Cali Sam's Clubs.

Lucy - my pleasure. That's what wine friends do.

nataliego said...

I'm behind on your blogs. So, I took a bottle to my friend's house over the weekend and even she liked it. And she usually drinks really sweet wines. It's such a good deal. And I didn't even mind leaving her the rest of the bottle!