Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where did all these mosquitos come from???

Yesterday after working in a cube for most of the beautiful March day (75+ degrees!) we sat outside for a pre-dinner cocktail and to enjoy the weather. It had started to cloud over, but whatever, it was still nice weather.
Except for the mosquitos!!! WTF? They were HUGE and so bad we really went inside rather quickly. I mean really, a)its MARCH b) its been warm for like 2-3 days and before that it was around freezing temps and c) its not like we have tons of standing water around. Because I'm a dork who likes to read up on things like this, I found that the life cycle of a mosquito is anywhere between 4-14 days from egg to adult, depending on species and weather. Either way, 4 days is in hot warm weather and we didn't have hot warm weather for 4 days, so where did these little suckers come from?? (pun totally intended)

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