Sunday, March 8, 2009

Supercute wino apron

Ok, well as you know, I'm a winelush. Through my quest to better my knowledge and my palate, I might, just might, have become a bit of a wine snob and might, just might, not appreciate all wines and might, just might, look down on people who think Beringer White Zinfandel is an example of a good wine. Down might be a strong word, but really, I don't respect your taste in wine if you're going on about how you love White Zin and its such a great deal (really, you can get much better wines for what White Zin sells for). I know- how could I? I feel almost ashamed. The important thing is that you enjoy wine in whatever capacity suits you and your lifestyle, right?? I don't need to like your wine for you to like it and by all means if you like Beringer White Zinfandel, drink up - just don't expect me to share a glass with you and please don't be insulted when you see me with this apron:
Here it is close up: I love it, absolutely love it. I don't have it yet because I can't get over the fact it $19.99 with $8.13 shipping. I'm fine with the $20 for the apron, although I'm sure its flimsy and not worth that much....but really? $8 shipping for something that probably weighs 1 or 2 lbs and doesn't require special packing? I'd pay $25 total for this apron, tops.
Please, Target, get the program and do a "Site to store" or get a reasonable shipping policy.

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Rosie said...

That is a very cute apron! But you are right about the price! If I had a dollar for every guest who ordered White Zin at the wine bar! Sheesh! I always tried to sell them on the Resiling instead, which they liked much better!