Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still a good deal and other misc good news

So, I'm sure you've heard from your other friends, colleagues, family, etc that they are getting great deals online- even to Europe during the summer. Well, as you know, we booked our trip 2 months ago and I was nervous that maybe we jumped the gun. I've been avoiding checking online, but finally bit the bullet and did a "deal check" today, which is around our original booking plan. Whew. Its still a good deal - actually about $100 cheaper than it is now. I don't need it to be the best deal ever for all time, I just would hate to see that I could've saved $250 if I'd waited. I'd rather see, as would all of us dealhunters, see that we made the right decision on the right deal, but I'll be happy if it doesn't go down more than $100. As of now I'm safe, so I'm happy.

Other good news - last week we got a letter from our mortgage company saying our ARM is up and they are lowering our 4.85% interest rate to 3.25% and no further action is required. Uh, ok, we'll take it!

We did our taxes and I thought we would owe a smidge but we got some money back, yeah for Europe! Well, yesterday I recieved a letter from the IRS. Great. I panicked - did I do something wrong?? Well, I guess yes and no....they corrected our tax return and we will get another $300 back. Something about line 70, I could spend time and look up what it was, because of course the IRS letter is about clear as mud, but who cares, I get money back so I'm happy!

Hey, its not Powerball winnings, but I'll take it all. Lets buy some wine to celebrate! (oh wait, I just bought 3 cases last week - I think I'll be ok!!!)

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