Thursday, September 10, 2009

An artist, a phantom, and a lamb walk into a bar....

Just kidding, its not really a joke…..last night the Luce’s came over to take pity on us and help mudd the bathroom. (by “help” I mean pretty much do it) I was in charge of dinner while the Mr’s mudded away. For dinner, we had an all-grill meal of thyme/terragon seasoned lamb chops, rosemary potatoes, and zucchini. The Luce’s brought the Bogle Phantom (a Petite Sirah/Zinfandel based blend) and we served the Artiste “Summer” (a Syrah blend). The Phantom is a Luce favorite and its availability in MO isn’t consistent so it was a nice treat. As you know, my Artist Series Label Quest is ongoing and of course, the Artiste series wines are a big part of that.

Well? Both were excellent with the lamb, but I will say the Phantom was a little bit bigger and went a smidge better with it, however the Summer was good as well and was awesome with the potatoes. Of course we followed up with the Lush Favorite Po' Boy Dessert…. ice cream sandwiches and port.

Nothing like a discount finish to a nice meal…right? Hey, this remodel costs money, had to cut back somewhere and it certainly wasn't going to be on the wine! ;)


Claire said...

I LOVE the Phantom!!!

The lamb sounds great. We had some at a tasting last week with a CDP, & it was incredible. I've never really been into lamb, but I think I could be with the right wine!

WineLush said...

I decided grilled lamb is the way to go if you're not that into lamb.... it really reduces the lamb-y taste. Sams Club is the best place to buy much cheaper than grocery stores, btw.

I might have to do a search for more Phantom and see if anyplace else has it but I'm guessing the Luce's bought it out.

LucyinStLou said...

Thanks again for dinner! I'll pimp Mr. Luce out anytime for lamb. We, in fact, did not buy the Phantom out. It's at the TJs by your work and the WCP. Although the WCP's stock was pretty decimated. They are probably out.