Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mumm's the word for sushi

Last night we had completed laying the tile for the bathroom. To celebrate the fact we now can get rid of a set of tools (and thus work on clearing out our toolshed of a living room) I got some sushi to go and we had a bottle of Mumm Napa Brut while we watched Monday's season premiere of House. (love that show....but he better resume jerk-ness soon!)

I was good, a little less yeasty than one of our normal standby’s, the Gloria Ferrer. It was fairly light, a bit fruity, and good with most of the sushi rolls we had. I don't recall ever having it before and was glad I picked it up, as we both preferred it to Gloria F because of its versatility with our variety of rolls- which we always get a spicy roll or two which usually has some sort of combo of crab or tuna or salmon, and some shrimp tempura oriented roll. Those are the standby's, and its nice to have a bubbly that goes with most everything.

We got it for a bit under $20 at Friar Tucks, a reasonable deal for a nice bottle of bubbly! Next time I see it I'll have to pick up a couple bottles to put in the regular sushi rotation!


Claire Uncorked said...

I love Gloria Ferrar! (Sushi...not so much, but that's beside the point.)

Congratulations on getting the tile done! What an ordeal...

WineLush said...

We love Gloria too...since its more widely available (I mean, even a couple North County stores have it!) I'm positive we won't abandon it....but we did like the Mumm better with the sushi.

And yes, this morning when I looked at my tile all finished and very excited it makes me want to open another bottle. (But I'll just drink coffee instead)