Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bathroom recap

How’s the bathroom progress going you ask? Well, we’re WAY behind schedule….first a little recap (those of you who know the story feel free to skip ahead) My parents came into town to help us over Labor Day Weekend…..as said in my earlier post, we’re doing tile instead of the tub surround. Well, after mudding and taping and more of it, we were hoping to make some progress tiling Friday night….but Mr. Lush fell asleep at 8:45. Why so early? Well, a week or so ago he had a bad sinus infection….took some antibiotics, but I guess the dust from the remodel built up in his sinuses and ears, because Friday and Saturday he was good for about 2 hours worth of work and Sunday he was dizzy and his ears hurt so he was totally useless.

Now, before you think I’m a cold hearted wife, I spent my day evenly between getting painting done, taking Layla to the dog park, getting Mr. Lush Afrin and Mucinex and making him put warm pads on his ears and sitting over steam, all in hopes of loosening up whatever was making him dizzy, in addition to starting to tile the shower myself. Of course, the paint didn’t seem like it was going to work – I decided to go with a slightly lighter green since our tile was so dark … and when I applied the first coat all we could think of was “hmm, I want some key lime pie”. Egad. However, a trip to Lowes and a swap to those “reveal” light bulbs and it softened it up a lot. It was a long, long day but I’m happy to report that the bathroom was painted (still a smidge of touch ups needed where the painters tape took off a bit of paint) and 4 rows of tile on two walls were up by the time I crawled into bed…he was no longer dizzy by yesterday morning.

Now, on to last night. I had hopes of getting 4 more rows of tile up, getting sink installed, mirror up, and sconce lights up. (My dad already made sure the lights were ready to connect a few wires and connect sconces to brackets) I know, a bit ambitious. The sink started to go smoothly but we needed an extender piece. Of course, can’t catch a break with anything…can’t do one day of project work without a trip to a home improvement store…..so Mr. Lush ran to the hardware store to get that and I started to mix the mortar outside so I get could to tiling. After I tiled 2 rows I got up to get something then looked outside ….to find Layla had ripped into the dry mortar bag.

Yep, it was all over the patio and all over her and in her mouth….so we had to clean that up, clean her up, and put the ripped mortar bag in a big trash bag so what was left could be salvaged. Mr. Lush picks up the big bag and sort of tosses it a foot or so to the side so its not smack dab in the door way….and it hits a trash can, which had somehow been knocked over and was smack dab in front of the basement window. I’m sure you’re guessing what happened next….the basement window broke.

Really? Not a single day of project work where things can go as planned?? Egad! Mr. Lush patched up the window while I made dinner and after dinner I pushed through and got up the 4 more rows of tile I had wanted to get up. So, the sink was installed, the mirror up and some more tile done…but Mr. Lush was still a bit tired and didn’t want to mess with the light.

So, we did ok, even with the snafus, although I would’ve rather have gotten the tiling done and had some wine with dinner and relaxed, rather than cleaning up mortar, eating dinner late and with milk, and finishing my tiling at 10:03.

Home remodeling sucks………


LucyinStLou said...

Wow! I'm so, so sorry! I guess on the brightside you caught Layla quickly enough that you didn't have a vet bill on top of evrything else.

Claire said...

Wow! That's quite a story!

I hope T feels better! Poor guy.

Kudos to you for taking on the tiling yourself. I've got very little confidence in myself when it comes to home renovations (or maybe it's just reliance on Doug, I don't know), but I think that might change one of these days. We've got a lot of work to do around here...

And I'm sure I'll have similar canine experiences!

WineLush said...

Yes, Layla is ok, no worries there. She was quite thirsty last night though. ;)

Claire, I don't like home improvement because I don't dig physical labor... but the stuff I don't mind is the tiling itself. (don't like cleaning up afterwards that much but sort of enjoy the detail work of the tiling) We don't have the money (or the house value) to be paying someone to do stuff for us, so I guess its best we learn now on our current house, so if its not perfect, its ok, its still nicer than the rest of the neighborhood!!