Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crab People

No, I’m not talking about the South Park episode where the Queer Eye guys are really crab people trying to pussify the men of South Park so they can take over the town, although that is a funny one.

I’m talking about people who love crab legs. Now, I really like crab legs but I don’t LOVE them. Do you know the difference? People who LOVE crab legs will order them at all sorts of restaurants and work and crack to get every, single, last morsel out of the legs. People who LIKE crab legs, like myself, only eat them at buffets and give each piece 2 seconds to work out. I crack, split, and eat what’s there. If its stuck down there and I need a fork to get it out, forgettaboutit. Toss it and get another- don't you love buying into our country's wasteful attitude??? My dedication is not that strong. In fact, I don’t even try with that second part of the leg-I go for the big pieces and that’s it. No scrawny bits for me.

But, that’s why I only eat crab legs at buffets-I guess I'm just not a crab person.

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LucyinStLou said...

Crab leg buffets. Another sparkling occasion. Sadly though, not Salon worthy.