Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hi. My name is WineLush and I’m a sushiholic. (group says “Hi Wine Lush”)

I’m not sure when I crossed into the sushi world. Its not a huge leap from how I like my steaks cooked. (super duper rare- purple, almost.) But still, its expensive and usually involves some sort of veggies, which I’m typically pretty anti veggies. (or at least I used to be). Luckily, not only does Mr. Lush like it, I have lots of sushi loving friends so there’s never a week that goes by that I don’t have a chance to have it. Aren't I blessed? Really, its almost a curse.

Anyway, well, here’s how my week was supposed to play out. Monday I have lunch with my boss. We frequently talk about grabbing sushi, so that’s where she decided to go. Now, I didn’t object, even though I have tentative sushi dinner plans for Tuesday with my good friend Mrs. Luce. (as Mr. Luce is out of town) Although Mrs. Luce was feeling under the weather and thus our plans were up in the air, I had to assume she would pull through and I would indeed go again.

The sushi lunch with my boss was good. I got to teach her how to use chopsticks and I still looked forward to eating sushi again the next day. Plus, it was on the company dollar and I do adore free sushi.

Then I come home and ask Mr. Lush what he wants for dinner. And guess what he said? “Sushi”. Hmm. Here’s my quandary. Monday night is his only night off all week. How could I tell him no, “I just had sushi and so we can’t have it”? I’m presuming he also had forgotten about my plans with Mrs. Luce so, I keep my mouth shut, act enthused and we head to Wasabi downtown. I suggested ordering things we don’t normally get. Which was a good strategy, as it didn’t really feel like the stuff I just had for lunch that day. It was ok. I think I determined Wasabi has fantastic $12 rolls, but the others are pretty skimpy.

So….then comes this morning. While I really enjoyed both sushi meals, am I really ready for another one? Really now-what do I do? I feel almost ashamed-like I cheated on all my sushi friends with each other. How could I eat sushi with someone else when it could potentially put me not in the mood for other sushi? Gasp! Oh no, what kind of friend / wife am I? What to do? I frantically ponder suggesting Red Lobster or some other fish type place Mrs. Luce never gets to go, in hopes she goes for it. A last ditch hail mary type pass to get me out of 3 sushi meals in two days. But, I determine keeping my mouth shut and sucking it up if necessary is the best way to go.

Wow, I really am in the closet aren’t I???

It turns out that Mrs. Luce is feeling better, but not great enough to eat sushi. Whew. While I feel sad that she’s sick, I’m secretly relieved she doesn’t want to go. But then I can tell she feels bad about cancelling and I’m overwhelmed with my sushi cheating guilt and have to come clean with her. Finally, the roller coaster is over. For now.

Oh sushi, you vixen. Quit tempting me with your sunset roll.


LucyinStLou said...

I am so glad to know that my plague has value! Seriously, I would have understood if you wanted to go somewhere else fish oriented. (Sniff.) Then again, you are a sushi tropper. I think you could have done it!

WineLush said...

I would've made it through. Like I said, I was prepared to forge ahead and chow down like I hadn't had it in years.
Your Sushi Trooper