Monday, May 12, 2008

The newest addition to the Lush Family

No, don’t fear fellow readers. Your WineLush is not expecting. Rather we got a new wine chiller. Previously we had two Avanti wine fridges, one for white, one for red. Pros: cheap, quiet, no vibration. Cons: since they don’t use standard refrigeration, they don’t get as cold. In the winter, its not a big deal, but in the dead heat of the summer, when the house is warmer, the coldest temp they can get to might be 60. Still within storing temps, but you certainly can’t pull a bottle of white out and drink it, and frankly, that’s what you want in the dead heat of the summer. Oh, and one more con-one of them broke. Rather large con, eh?

So, here we are, one fridge down, deciding what to do. After doing that first round of initial internet shopping, we took a break for the Zoo play day. While at the wine shop, we noticed they were selling a 2-3 yr old commercial grade wine chiller for $300 (retail over $1000). Great deal, but there’s two facts to keep in mind. 1) we just became Mr. and Mrs. Wine Lush, thus still have wedding expenses to pay off and 2) more money on wine fridge = less money to spend on wine. Hmm. So we think about it. Less than 2 days later we call, wine fridge is sold. We are saddened but are confident we will get past it. Many more wine fridges that need our love.

Then….she calls and said the person who was supposed to buy it didn’t show up and do we want it. I tell her I’ll get back to her soon. Excitement builds, but Mr. Lush is at work and I can’t get ahold of him. What to do? Being recently married, we haven’t quite worked out the rules of acceptable independent spending. Yes, we should talk about spending $300. But, we did already, right, last week when we decided to get it? But a week later- does that still count? Argghh. Then she calls again and says that someone else wants it and we need to make a decision pronto. Oh no. What to do!!!

Don’t fret- we did indeed end up getting the fridge and are still married, so it’s a happy ending.

About the fridge- LOVE IT. Its 100 bottle, dual temp, digital. One small con-I don’t care for the way the bottles set-its bottom of bottle towards the door. So, I not only have no use for all my cute wine tags, but its also hard to see what’s what.

But, it works, so it’s the best wine chiller ever.

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LucyinStLou said...

Congratulations on your large bundle of joy! I am sure it will bring your family much happiness.