Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McDonalds-the newest geriatric vacation destination

I was recently at McDonalds. Yes, I know, tsk tsk, after I worked so hard to lose all that weight! But, I have to get back on the wagon at some very soon point, so I decided to have that “last meal” at McD’s. Anyway, I work close to one of the busiest McDonalds I’ve ever seen. (If I had a million dollars, I would open another one exactly one mile away because I really do believe the market could handle it- its busier than an In-n-out)

So I’m inside, and notice really, there are a lot of kids, of course, but also a lot of old people here. By old, I mean old- walkers, can’t hear, that kind of old. I wonder has McDonalds become a diaper-only establishment? Either babies or old people, no one in between? But then I saw a bunch of construction workers come in and whew! I am still allowed.

As I waited in the longest line ever (keep in mind there are ALSO a ton of old people ordering) I notice even MORE old people. Wow. “Is there like a tour bus outside or something?” I joke to myself but really just write it off to some Senior Cheeseburger Day I don’t know about or something.

Anyway, I finally order and sit down by a window and notice…..a bus from an old folks home. LOL. It really is a “destination”!! I imagined these little old ladies doing their hair getting ready for the big trip to McDonalds and it amused me for a bit.

Then, since I’m alone, I got a bit bored and read my water cup. (I figured if I got water in totally cancels out the fries, right?? No? Hmm. No fun!!) Did you know that “I’m lovin’ it” is not only translated to a bunch of different languages but that it is actually trademarked in English, Spanish, German, Canadian French, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, and Ukrainian??

Wow, those McDonalds people are pretty smart. Maybe it really IS worth visiting when all there is to do is play bridge and nap. I look forward to the day.


LucyinStLou said...

Really? That's what you're looking forward to? NO! We can do better for you than that. Won't you have grandchildren or something?

Of course...I suppose calories and overall health don't matter in the bonus round so it's guilt free. Go to town.

WineLush said...

Exactly- I'll tell you that my plan for when I'm over 80 is to eat & drink what I want and to do all the drugs I can find, legal or not. Who cares if granny's smoking a bong?? I'm old!