Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chouffe cheers

Recently we went to Growlers, a local pub. We don’t often go to Growlers, so I took full advantage of their many (100+) beer selections and had a couple Belgium beers I hadn’t tried. As you know, I am an equal opportunity drinker, although I will admit I don’t drink beer that much anymore. I’m sorta mad at AB for selling to InBev, so I’m unofficially boycotting all AB products. They aren’t on sale anymore anyway, so I’d rather support a smaller brewery that puts their stuff on sale, or drink beer that actually has a good flavor, like Belgium beer.

But I digress- at Growlers I had the La Chouffe and the Mc Chouffe, two Belgium beers owned by the same company.The La Chouffe is a blonde beer, with some spicy and a bit fruity. (note, fruity Belgium style isn’t fruity like a Cherry beer would be fruity, its more understated fruity) The Mc Chouffe is similar, although darker, less spicy and a bit more hoppy. Both were really good, although I probably prefer the La Chouffe, because in general I don't like much hop in my beer.

If you like hefeweizen or unfiltered beers, give these a try. They were $11.50 each, but it was for a 750ml bottle, so its enough to share. Take note of the 8% alc content though.....


LucyinStLou said...

So which was your fav? (As a fellow hardly ever drink beer drink.)

Rosie said...

Hi! I'm new to blogging and it was great to find your blog, thanks to Lucyinstloui. Im also a "seldom" beer drinker but married to a "often" beer drinker. I do enjoy a Hefeweizen with lots o lemon from time to time, though. I just saw that movie,"Burge" with Colin Farrel and he states in the special features that Belgium has the best tasting beer. Now I know what to try. Thanks for the info!