Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Friendly Facebook Discussion

I am a recent joiner of Facebook. Such as, the question of “what is a facebook friend” has come up between myself and my “real life” friend. Some people seem to be “facebook whores” and just want to rack up the friend count and friend every friend of a friend who they ever met or even looked at. I even received an invite to be friends with someone I met through a social function (who I barely spoke to) less than a week later.

So, what is a “Facebook friend”? It obviously isn’t only real friends that you see all the time, but there must be a happy medium between that and “friending” every person you work with, go to school with, have a club with, go to church with, met at the grocery store, etc.

After some discussion with the late 20 something to 30 something facebook crowd, I think its:

Someone you know well enough to talk to if you saw them at a larger scale gathering. (large party, bar, etc) If you wouldn’t even wave because you don’t like them, aren’t sure if its them, or if they would recognize you, then they shouldn’t be your facebook friend.

But this is open to discussion…..any thoughts??


Claire said...

New to FB here, too..& I gotta say, it's the strangest thing.

I don't plan to fill my page with a bunch of personal information like some people do...some seem to have their whole life on there! However, that doesn't mean that I want just anyone in what little business I would put on there.

Amy said...

i have mine set to private so only 'friends' can see it. I have to admit that only recently i have began using it more and more. My husband makes fun of me for it but its the way that i can keep up easity with some of my friends on there from college.

i have to say too that i HATE when random ppl ask me to be their friends. I usually ignore them, and finally say NO, but i feel bad, lol.

LucyinStLou said...

I just joined and I was so, so dumb. I just assumed only people I was close to or at least USED to be close to would bother friending me. Nope. But once you've said yes to one...well I feel bad saying no unless I've never met you at all. Even then, still feel a little guilty. Is there FB therapy?

WineLush said...

Sometimes I'm torn, like if its someone I met, that maybe I might become real life friends with, how do I say no, I don't want to be your FB friend? So in general, I haven't really turned anyone down that I like to some degree. Luckily, I haven't had anyone who I've never met try to FB friend me. For now.....

nataliego said...

so, i'm obviously way behind on your blogs. but i recently found myself pondering the same issue when a girl from high school requested to be my friend. now, we were far from friends in high school. matter of fact, we really never spoke to each other and i'm pretty sure had a mutual dislike for each other. however, since i'm completely over the whole hated you in high school thing, i accepted her as a friend. but i really didn't want to and actually considered deleting her as a friend last week. which i guess would be worse than ignoring her in the first place. but really, why do you want to be my friend now anyway? ridiculous!!