Tuesday, February 17, 2009

VDay and Artiste Wines

As noted in my last post, we celebrated Valentine's Day a little late - on Monday night. We had some lamb and finally opened a bottle of Artiste Wines that Lucy so thoughtfully picked up for us - The Rojo Nuevo: 72% Syrah25% Tempranillo3% Merlot.
Here's some info on their blending of art and wine:
"Combining a reverence for tradition and a philosophy of winemaking as an artistic expression, Artiste wines are labeled with gorgeous works of impressionist art. Each of our wine blends are named after the title of the painting that graces its bottle. We work with some of the finest Contemporary Impressionist artists across the country to commission and license a new painting for each new wine. Then, taking inspiration from the colors, imagery and story behind each wine label, Artiste's winemaker blends and weaves different wines together to create Artiste's Impressionist CuvĂ©es™."

We didn't decant it but wished we had, if even for 15 minutes, as it opened up beautifully throughout the meal. It was really great, went great with the lamb, and I'm absolutely in love with the wines (and of course the labels) now and am trying to justify joining the club. It appears they are only available through the winery/wine clubs.



Rocio said...

Sounds great with the lamb! yummy.

LucyinStLou said...

Seriously, this was by far the best thing we tasted at their winery!