Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dirty martini showdown

Mr. Lush and are fans of dirty vodka martini's. Extra dirty, actually, as you can see in this picture. We have vermouth, but normally we just mix vodka and olive juice for a dry dirty martini.

Why are there two bottles of vodka behind my extra dirty martini? Because in true Lush Style, we had a Dirty Martini Showdown last night. I made one with Ciroc and one with Belvedere. I made sure to measure both so they had the same amount of vodka and olive juice proportion and we tasted both back to back.

The results- Mr. Lush blindly tasted and came up with Ciroc as the clear winner - I liked both but preferred Ciroc slightly as well. Which is good, as its a few dollars a bottle cheaper than Belvedere, probably because its less known. Never heard of it? Its made from grapes, not potato, as most vodka is made from. Here's another tip- Sams Club sells is for $27/28, a steal from the regular $33-35 you'll find at most liquor and grocery stores. If you're a vodka fan, I highly recommend picking up a bottle.


Mo said...

Mmm...we love dirty martini's at our house as well. Will definately try the Ciroc. Thanks for the recommendation! (and doing the "research")

WineLush said...

It was rough work, but we made it through.;)
Glad we could help!!