Monday, February 16, 2009

Solid cab franc for under $20

Unfortunately, Mr. Lush worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Its all the name of Europe, so I can’t complain, plus we’re having our “Valentine’s Day” tonight. However, my good friend Natalie kept me company and I grilled us up some bacon wrapped filets, she mashed potatoes and we had it with the WineSmith Cabernet Franc. Never heard of it? No wonder- they only make 1,000 cases or less a year. We had originally picked this up from the Wine Merchant in Clayton for my wine club’s blind tasting, it went over well. I remember that I thought it would taste fantastic with some grilled meat at the time, and luckily, I remembered that thought and picked up a bottle for $18-19. This time, however, I decanted it for about an hour an a half.

It was great. Absolutely wonderful with the steaks- not at all vegetal like some cab francs tend to be. Note that the Lushs are Grilling Purists and so these weren’t propane grilled steaks….they were charcoal grilled steaks. Also, we don’t use lighter fluid to start our charcoal either- we use a chimney to keep the charcoal flavor as pure as possible. I also grill my steak extra rare and Natalie's was normal rare, and I think that chargrilled rare flavor paired perfectly with the wine.

It was a great meal and a great wine find, since often Cabernet Francs can be fairly expensive-finding one for under $20 is great!

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nataliego said...

mmm mmm . . . it was sooo yummy!