Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cab, Cuvee, and a rack of lamb

The other night Mr. Lush and I picked up a rack of lamb and we grilled it up. I seasoned it with some terragon, ground thyme, garlic powder and pepper and Mr. Lush grilled it up nice and rare. We had both the 2004 Bennet Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and the Taria 384 Cuvee. Both have Cab Sauv and both were very good-the Taria seemed to harmonize perfectly with it, but the Bennett Family Cab really showcased the lamb flavor. You know what I’m talking about-the specific lamb taste- it really made that stand out. Really both were very good, with many of the same characteristics, although the Bennett Family had more chocolate presence. In the end I preferred the Taria and Mr. Lush preferred the Bennett Family as the lamb pairing choice- but he also likes that lamb taste more than I do. Either way, I think both wines would be good choices with lamb.

As a side note, I noticed the Taria doesn’t start off tobacco-y; you have to let it sit in the decanter for about 45-60 minutes first. Duly noted for next time.


LucyinStLou said...

Sounds delicious! Did you end up buying a whole case of the Taria?

WineLush said...

We bought a half case. Which, its been sort of fun to try a bottle here and there with different things.
Next time we try lamb it'll be with a CDP I think.