Monday, July 14, 2008

Friendly Blogging?

My friend Lucy recently came clean about her posting habits and the fact she’s 6 weeks ahead. Which, I think now she’s up to maybe 8-10 weeks as I heard her bring up October post topics not to long ago.

Recently, we were having dinner and both commented on our desire to post about a certain topic. She commented first, but I was thinking it. Anyway we started talking about who was going to post about it. No, it didn't result in a mud wrestling match (much to the dissaspointment of both Mr. Luce and Mr. Lush) but it got me thinking. Can friends post about the same thing or do they have to respect each other's blog topics on a first come first serve basis? Like the "shotgun" of post topics?

First, if we’re going to start “calling" topics I could never compete with her. She’s an amazing planner and has probably thought about and drafted a post for every wine related topic I could even think about. And to top it off, she’s very clever and witty and her posts are usually fun to read. (Not that mine aren’t sometimes) Secondly, how do other friends handle this? We socialize a good amount together and thus have quite a few of the same wines and pairing experiences and since we are friends, we also have in common a lot of the same ideals. (minus the desire to breed, of course) So naturally, if you were to read my topics and hers we overlap a bit. In addition our tastes in wine are similar, minus my love of Chardonnay.

So, naturally, now and then our posts will be similar, whether it be because each other’s posts remind us of a topic or by pure chance and overlap of thoughts and experiences. Is this a big deal in the world of blogging etiquette? If so, I’ll be signing off soon, because really, Lucy is the Queen of Blogging and I’m a mere “blogging wannabe” compared to her.


LucyinStLou said...

You are really much too too kind! Of course we can and should blog about the same topics. And I look forward to reading your post about the topic we discussed last night.

WineLush said...

The men will be sad we solved this debate peacefully without mud wrestling.