Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pics of Layla Lush (10 weeks)

I realized that I haven't updated with pictures. And its unfair to talk about a cute puppy and not update with cute puppy pictures, right??

Ok, I'll be honest-I staged this one a bit. She was sleeping with the sheep, but her little arm wasn't around it...
No, this isn't trick photography-the soccer ball is bigger than her!


LucyinStLou said...

Aww Layla! We have to schedule more playtime before you are big enough to eat the whippets.

Claire said...

She's so cute!!!

Just think of the fun she'd have with our girls! She can't eat them... =)

WineLush said...

Yes, we need to schedule much more playtime with many many dogs. Evidently we are behind...I was informed by a trainer yesterday we're supposed to introduce her to 100 new people and 100 new dogs in her first 4 months. We're doing good on people because she's been to a few wine club meetings, but behind on the dogs.

And Lucy-Layla will never be able to eat the whippets...they are entirely too fast, even when she grows into her big ole paws and is no longer clumsy.