Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday morning cup-o-joe

Much to the chagrin of my coffee purists friends, I like flavored coffee. Yes, I like a Caramel Macchiato, but that’s not what I’m talking about – I’m not talking about putting flavor in coffee, I’m talking about actually flavored coffee. For example, our favorite is Boca Java’s Surfin Safari: An exotic blend of sweet vanilla, rich caramel and tantalizing kahlua. Our next favorite is Lee’s Caramel Kiss, which is drinking coffee for a good cause: Coffee with a caramel and chocolate kiss. Dedicated to Lee Freck, cherished wife, mother and grandmother, who battled leukemia for thirteen and a half years. A portion of the proceeds from this coffee will be donated to the leukemia and lymphoma society.

Boca Java’s an internet coffee company-see the link to the left bar for a discount or to check out their site. They have other somewhat normal flavors too- Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven, Rip Tide Rasberry (choc and raspberry), along with a few odd ducks: Coastline Creamsicle (tangy orange and creamy vanilla), Apple Gourmet in the USA (like apple pie) and Maple Bacon Morning (yes, bacon and maple syrup). Keep in mind, these are all coffee- so its not like you’re having a creamsicle, you’re having a coffee creamsicle. All in all they have 33 flavors, not counting their non flavors, from dark to light roasts and all that. They even have reserve Jamaican blue mountain coffee.

Well, its not cheap, in fact, its priced close to Starbucks coffee beans. A bit ago, I asked a coffee purist friend to do a blind taste test on one of their non flavored beans to give me a quality assessment. Not that it really mattered, its far cheaper than Starbucks, and we like it anyway, but I was hoping she’s say it was good quality and that would make me feel better about special ordering coffee over the internet. Which she did. (whew)

But, we’ve been drinking it for about two years now and have looked and can’t find anything else that comes close to how yummy it is. The best part-its sugar and carb free and low in calories-just like a regular cup of coffee. But better.

Drink up, its Monday.

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