Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank god for meetings that run late

Yesterday in the Lou there was a horrific accident- a semi ran over some cars, others flew into other cars, etc. 11 cars total involved. A very horrible accident-I have never seen that amount of wreckage in one place before, aside from a junkyard. Well, the accident was on my way home-about 10 minutes from work. I left early to go study for my final, about 3:30. I had a meeting that was supposed to get over at 3, but ran late. At the time I was quite irritated because I wanted to get on the road about 3:15/3:20. But I didn't-instead I left at 3:30. The accident happened at 3:30. So, if I had left when I wanted to I would've either just missed it, or been a part of it. As it was, I was stuck in that space past the last accident and the accident so I had nowhere to go. Due to the multiple fatalities, the entire highway was shut down until 8:30ish that night, so I had nowhere to go for a long time and had time to ponder this fact as ambulance after ambulance flew by. Of course, I didn't ponder anything. I was irritated and cursing and mad. It took me nearly 3 hours to get home (we eventually drove the wrong way on the highway to get off) and it normally would take me about 25 minutes at that time. I was even crabby most of last night and Mr. Lush and I snapped at each other. (don't worry-we made up) But now, sitting here, drinking a cup of coffee, (putting off studying) I sit here and think how lucky I was. And how lucky I am in general. Hopefully we all take a bit of time to be thankful now and then and it doesn't take a near death (or near miss) experience in order to make us take the time to appreciate. So, all you bloggers out there….call you mother, hug you brother, kiss your significant other, and tell your friend you're happy they are your friend. (Lucy-I'm happy you're my friend)

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LucyinStLou said...

Aww thanks! I'm happy you're my friend too. Thank you for the phone call last night by the way. I was late too, but happy to be late. I'm really glad you called because after I realized what all the traffic was about I would have been worried.