Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cheap dessert and 20 year Tawny port- who knew?

= yummy

The other night we had the Luce’s over. While I was at school (I know, on a SUNDAY-the horror!) my husband took it upon himself to plan the day and meal. (how sweet of him) We BBQ’d up and for dessert, he bought ice cream sandwiches. No, not Klondikes or some sort of gourmet dessert bar (if that exists in the ready made section of the fridge), but regular ice cream sandwiches. The kind many of us hadn’t had since grade school. Hmm. I don't know about that sweetheart- I mean normally we have something a bit more decadent, like the fantastic Luce brownies. But, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? He did afterall plan the entire day by himself, so I kept my mouth shut.

With this top notch treat, I poured some 20 year tawny port. I had never had the pairing, but what could go wrong- port tastes good with both vanilla and chocolate, right? At the very least, our guests will be pleased to have good port. Well, it was amazing…wonderful in fact. Astonishing wonderful. What made it extra wonderful is that no one had to sweat over making this treat. No one had to bake andything. Pour port, unwrap sandwich, enjoy. Viola. A perfect summer effort.
The best news? The cheapness of the dessert counterbalances the expensive port. Justification is so glorious, isn’t it?


LucyinStLou said...

It was glorious. Kudos indeed to Mr. Lush for his wine pairing. I will be talking about it for weeks.

WineLush said...

It was suprisingly good. Thank god for wedding gifts so we had good port on hand! Good port (or wine) makes everything around it better. Its an instant pick me up, don't you think?