Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thrifty Gift Thursday (all week) Stocking Stuffers

Whether you need things to actually stuff in stockings, or if you just want to “top off” a gift of a nice bottle of wine with some fun wine accessories, here’s some ideas:

A red wine drinker with a decanter can always use a funnel, here’s one for $10:

A cooled sleeve is a must for a white wine drinker. I prefer ones with a little stretch, to accommodate a slender Sauvignon Blanc bottle or a big Chardonnay bottle. Here’s a good neoprene one for $12, w/ free shipping:

Wine tags can be expensive, but unless you’re like Lucy who has every item in her cellar memorized, they are a must for anyone with 50 bottles or more. Here’s 100 for $8.00. You can also get them in plain white. (order two-one for you and one for them!)

For the friend who always bring a bottle of wine wherever they go, here’s a neoprene travel bag for $6.99.

WineLights are fun-we like to fill them up with citronella oil and use them outside in the summer. It’s a pretty way to keep mosquitos away, or you can use regular lamp oil and use them inside. You can get these in stores, but they are usually $8-12 each- here they are for $3.99.


LucyinStLou said...

For the record I do have wine tags. I don't use them that much, but I do have them. They're a good reminder for what year I decided to drink whatever.

WineLush said...

I know you have them...but you don't NEED them. Now I do need them and our fridge won't let me use them. (bottles face the wrong way)