Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thrify Gift Thursday (all week): Electric Wine Opener

When we registered for this electric wine opener, I wasn’t sure how often we’d use it. We were pretty used to the lever style opener (like the Rabbit) but I was really trying to register for some $20-ish gifts and so I put it on there. The truth is we use it all the time-for almost every bottle.

2 notes: 1) don’t use it on old wines, it'll likely shred the cork and 2)every now and then the synthetic corks are stubborn about coming out of the opener. (but that’s after the wine’s open, so no worries!) It’s a must for any party or wine tasting -it makes opening many bottles a snap. Since its probably one of the most used gifts we received, I absolutely must recommend it for others. It also comes with a foil cutter.

We have the Emerson one (above) and love it-its a steal for $19.99, but for the same price, if you like the stainless steel look, here's the Oster one for the same price.


LucyinStLou said...

So I admit it. This thing scares me, but mostly because I think I'll somehow take off the neck of the bottle and accidentally shiv someone at the table. But, I'm a klutz and you aren't so there's the difference...

WineLush said...

Its sooooo easy. Promise. Next time we have you and a bottle of wine in the same general area (gosh, that happens so rarely!) I'll make you use it to get over your fear.