Monday, December 1, 2008

%@&!% Traffic

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Got to see some family and some friends, did some shopping, got some good deals and didn’t have to wait in line too long. Didn’t get the tree up, but that’s ok, we’ll do it this week. All in all, a nice 4 day weekend. Until this morning. Traffic f-ing stank.

Now, I’ve mentioned a time or two in my blog that while my commute is a long distance (27 miles each way) its not that long of a drive because for the most part, I can go the speed limit, minus a few mile stretch each way. Let me correct that this morning. Because of the first snowy mix weather, there were accidents and car fires and even more accidents, so it took me over twice as long as it normally does. Grrrrrr. &*%$!@

But its not just today though-there’s been a ton of accidents recently, even in the dry weather, so my commute has really stunk the past few weeks. Many times I’ve come home from work dying for a extra dirty martini to sip my sorrows and stresses away, and its only been because of the drive. Thank god Highway 40 is almost open, and while I do not take that route to or from work or school, others do take it. Those others are hogging up my easy traffic route, hating every minute of their commute, getting impatient, so they’re getting in accidents. It wasn’t bad at first, but I think people have just got impatient and started to resort to their past drive time habits. Its just done downhill. I can’t wait until it opens. Just can’t wait.

Has anyone else in the Lou noticed a spike in commute time in the past month? Am I unreasonable to want a relatively open commute for my 27 mile drive? Am I just really that spoiled?

Possibly…..but isn’t that the perk of living in a non-popular part of town? So your commute is less congested??


LucyinStLou said...

Our commute today has been awful. Just awful. Overall, it had been pretty good, but, in general, I notice it always gets worse in the late fall/winter and gets better in the spring/summer. There's no logic to it. It's the ying and yang of commutese.

WineLush said...

I find that to be true as well, but its usually more weather related, versus people just randomly getting in accidents in 60 degree days in November, like its been. But, it could just be my imagination. Either way, I can do with less days like this. If we hadn't just come off a 4 day weekend I totally would've worked from home this morning.

feefifoto said...

I. Cannot. Wait. Until 40 opens again. I swear, I'll never drive Clayton Road again. Ever. And I live off of Clayton Road, which means I'll have to wear a path over my neighbors' lawns to get to the highway. Still, mark my words: No Clayton Road EVAAARR!

WineLush said...

Aww, feefitoto, you know you'll drive it again. Mainly because your neighbor will get a restraining order between your car and their lawn, but still. I'm sure it will fade, like a drunk episode with jagermeister. ;)

No really, I know Clayton Rd, Ladue Rd, Manchester, (anything that runs parallel 40) all suck big fat know.... I've had to take them home sometimes on "my avoid 270" routes.

I hope that you do forget, that we all forget.....