Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does my dog really look vicious???

Yesterday the Fed Ex guy came by with (you guessed it!!) wine and got really freaked out when he saw Layla. He raised his voice and told me to get the dog back and sorta freaked out. I told him to calm down and I started to exit out the front door and hold Layla back (not that she needed it-she was just curious) and he said (loudly) "I don't need to calm down, not when there's a dog". Anyway, I went outside, signed it made a joke about how she was really vicious, he made another rude freaked out remark and told him he didn't need to be rude and went back inside with my wine.

Here she is, the day of the "near attack".

Now, lets look at this from a couple viewpoints. Yes, she's a boxer, but she's also a SMALL boxer (she's about 52 lbs right now-about 10-20 from being full grown and filled out). I'm sure, given the right circumstances I could probably count on her to be ferocious and save me....however, right now the most it appears she is capable of to lick and wiggle her butt until some criminal gave up and ran away. Which doesn't seem all that likely.

So, assuming she IS capable of a violent attack...wouldn't being mean to the owner and having a freaked out tone antogonize the dog? I mean, if she was a chow (and I had a chow when I was lil tike- very sweet dogs but very territorial) she would've attacked based on his tone alone and the anxiety he caused me to have. Of course, she just sat there, like a good little doggie, and looked. Never a growl, just a curious "are you here to play with me" look?

However, it has waken me up a bit. She is no longer my little lap puppy. She's getting big and people are afraid of big dogs. Which, is good, when I'm walking her, not so good when the Fed Ex guy doesn't want to deliver my wine. Hmm.


LucyinStLou said...

Maybe he'd been attacked before. You never know.

WineLush said...

He probably has, but I'm not really questioning him being afraid. (although at first, I admit, it threw me off guard because she's so...not attack like)

I don't get why he would get all freaked out, because really, is that really going to help keep him safe from this "mean attack dog" or is it going to get him attacked??