Friday, January 23, 2009

Saving money already and giving up planning

Last night I couldn't help myself and so I priced the trip I just booked on Wednesday. To my suprise, it had already gone up $160/person! I know the deal is likely to re-surface with the horrible economy, but it made me feel good for pulling the trigger, per say, before we were totally ready. Normally I wouldn't dream of booking the most expensive part of a trip before planning out where we're going and where we're staying, so this was an odd experience for me. But, I'm glad I did it.

So this is what else I'm pondering. The Dublin portion of the trip is for Mr. Lush, who is Irish. (loosely, through a few generations, but that's ok) He, by nature, is NOT a planner. While I am not the planner Lucy is, nor could I ever aspire to be, I do my fair share of planning, usually having a rough outline with quite a few additional options. Normally I would pour over travel websites, hotel reviews, message boards, tourist sites, etc to determine all the activities we could do, how we would get around, where we could stay, etc and present him for "final consultation". (more of a loose veto power, if truth be told)

However, I wonder if I should turn the planning reins over to him for the Dublin portion? Its just two nights and the rest of the trip is pretty much my baby and I'm fairly sure whatever I suggest and want to do he'll be totally ok with. However, its likely he will not be as organized I would like him to be- could I deal with that? Could I let it go, and potentially end up spending all day looking for a pub? (which I can't imagine is that hard but who knows) Will I be able to keep my mouth shut and just go along for the ride and let him enjoy his "Dublin vacation"??

I don't know, I just don't know. But I think I might try.


LucyinStLou said...

Just my two cents (and, of course, I am an uber planner so this is TOTALLY biased), if you won't get back to Dublin anytime soon OR you think there's a chance that with jet lag and loose plans a fight could erupt OR if there's something you really, really want to do, plan it.

WineLush said...

I figured your thoughts would be something like that. If I don't think I can really let it go, then I'd either secretly plan things or just say I want to plan it. But I'd really like to let him plan it, if he even wants to.