Friday, January 9, 2009

Half Bottle Heaven

Recently, I’ve been on a half bottle kick. It started because I purchased a few half bottles of sparkling, for my friend Lucy’s birthday. Why half bottles?? Well, Lucy likes sparkling but Mr. Luce doesn’t share her passion so this way she could have a few glasses by herself without feeling wasteful.

I found a website, Half Wit Wines, that sells only half bottles, offers free shipping and frequently has specials. Regularly priced, two half bottles are a bit more than one bottle, of course, but that’s ok, because if you keep an eye out for specials you can get a steal. (Stores do carry half bottles, but maybe 5-15, and this website has 1300+ bottles, so the selection is extraordinary.) I ordered on Christmas Eve and got them on New Year’s Eve, which isn’t bad for free shipping over the holidays. They package in Styrofoam, which is great for secure bottles, not to great for environment, but shhh, I still prefer solidly packed bottles.

Since I purchased something from them, I received an email notification of their sparkling and Champagne special toward the end of the year. I purchased 7 bottles- 2 each of 3 different kinds of sparkling and one 2002 Chateau Rieussec Grand Cru Sauternes. Overall, the specials made two half bottles about 20-40% cheaper than a full bottle, regular price. We had the Sauternes on New Years Day with some peach cobber with the Luce’s, and it was lovely. Since Sauternes is so sweet and rich, a half bottle is plenty for a party of 4, so I certainly recommend picking a half bottle up.

Then last night, Mr. Lush surprised me with some takeout sushi- to pair we had one of our other half bottles, the Moet & Chandon White Star, along with a Chateau Ste. Michelle Gewurztraminer, as we have a few spicy rolls that go best with something a bit fruiter. It was absolutely perfect-we were able to have 2 glasses of the M&C (remember sparkling glasses are smaller) and a glass of the Gewurztraminer with dinner and one+ after. It was just perfect, because sometimes we prefer sparkling, sometimes we prefer other things and this way we got to have two, without having to open two separate bottles or letting the sparkling go flat.

The M&C Champagne was great-very dry and not very "yeasty" so it went great with the sushi, especially the Shrimp Tempura Roll. The Chateau Ste. Michelle Gewurztraminer...well, it was ok. It was on sale, for maybe $7-8, so I'd say pick up a bottle for when you have something spicy, but its not very complex. (which is fine, for $8 a bottle)

I would certainly recommend checking out Half Wit Wines, whether to pick up some dessert wines or to enjoy something by yourself, either rbecause you’re drinking by yourself or as a way to have something your significant other doesn’t like.


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LucyinStLou said...

That Sauterne was lovely! I was thinking I'd possibly have the sparkling while Mr. Luce was gone this time, but I was too sick to enjoy drinking anything other than tea and water. Hopefully, next month.