Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sushi with Lucy

Saving sucks.

Well, saving money because you got a deal is fun, but saving money the old fashioned way of going without things you want really sucks. For example, I usually eat sushi once a week, sometimes more often, as evidence in my Sushiholic post. Its almost the only thing Mr. Lush and I eat out for/get to go. However, in light of trying to save for Europe, I realized today that I haven’t had sushi since the 8th of this month! While I’m happy and proud of ourselves for saving $100 so far this month on abstaining from sushi, I realized how frickin excited I am for tonight’s plan of sushi with our good friend Lucy. I mean, I’m always excited to have dinner with Lucy, but I’m extra excited that its Sushi With Lucy.

We'll have to open something extra special and bubbly to celebrate.

1 comment:

LucyinStLou said...

Are we still on with the weather? Don't want you to get in a sushi related accident!