Friday, January 16, 2009

If you don't gamble with your own money, the winnings aren't yours....

Here's a recent Dear Abby:

DEAR ABBY: My daughter, "Alexa," and her boyfriend, "Ryan," were on vacation and went gambling. Ryan bet $400 at a craps table, handed Alexa the dice and told her to throw. She threw the whole night for him and won $2,500.
After they finished playing, Ryan put all the proceeds in his pocket. I thought it was unfair. Alexa says it's no big deal. I understand that the $400 was his, but she won $2,100 for him.
What's your opinion? Isn't this a red flag not to invest any more time in this relationship? -- NOT BETTING ON THIS ONE

DEAR NOT BETTING: If Ryan's basic nature was generous, he would have split the winnings 50-50. I agree your daughter would have a happier life with someone whose interests are less selfish and more generous. However, if she isn't ready to end the relationship, advise her to have an arrangement with Ryan in advance the next time they go gambling so she'll get more out of the game than carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, I like to gamble now and then. Ok, well I wish I could gamble more than "now and then", because I like it a lot-Roulette is my game of choice, although I want to play craps, its always full. Of course I love it only when I win. :)

Anyway, I don't think Alexa is entitled to any money. Gambling is a risk and Ryan risked his money. Yes, it was Alexa's "lady luck" that rolled the dice favorably, but if she had lost she wouldn't have had to pay for it. Plus, it appears he did the betting and she just did the throwing.....the betting is the part that requires a bit more skill.

All that being said, I would've given Alexa some money, but she's not entitled to it.

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