Monday, July 23, 2007

Bacon is great, but not in beverages

Ok, ok, now I love bacon. Love it so much that on my birthday I had it for all 3 meals. Not intentionally on the 3rd meal- we had it with breakfast, then a BLT for lunch, then at CafĂ© Brasil, an all you can eat churrasco place (grilled meat on swords), I had a few pieces of mini filet mignons. It was a glorious day. The Jack in the Box commercial where the guy says “can I get a bacon latte?” is an often quoted when my love of bacon comes up.

However, I had no idea bacon flavored coffee existed….until I get an email from Boca Java, the place we get our flavored coffee. (Our favorite is Surfin Safari- Kahula, caramel, and vanilla.) Their new release is….

Maple Bacon Morning- Embark on a smooth sail each morning with this breakfast flavored coffee. The taste of sweet maple and smoky bacon blend perfectly to create a hearty start to your day.
Wow, it really does exist. Now, as mentioned before I do love bacon. In fact, bacon might be my chocolate-I might have a Bacon Tooth. I don’t, however, have any desire to taste things that aren’t supposed to taste like bacon-such bacon flavored coffee or bacon tea or bacon soda. Bacon is great, but not in beverages.

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